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Olivia Wann

2024 OSHA & Infection Control Annual Online Group Training

2024 OSHA & Infection Control Annual Online Group Training

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For training of more than 51 employees - please call for special pricing!

OSHA (Dental) & Infection Control Training

Course Overview

Welcome to the OSHA Training course presented by professional trainer Olivia Wann, JD.
1 hour CE credit.  

What you will learn

OSHA Compliance & Infection Control

  • Explanation of use and limitations of methods to reduce exposure including engineering controls, work practices, and PPE
  • PPE type, use, handling, decontaminating, and disposal
  • Information on exposure incidents: report, evaluation, testing, follow-up
  • Biohazard labels and signs
  • Discussion of safer medical devices
  • Non-managerial employee input for identification, evaluation, and selection of effective engineering and work practice control with documentation
  • Copy of Bloodborne Pathogens Standard available
  • Explanation of epidemiology and symptoms of BBP
  • Explanation of the modes of transmission of BBP
  • Explanation and copy of Employer’s Exposure Determination
  • Hepatitis B vaccine availability, safety, administration, and benefit
  • Infection control guidelines, step-by-step processing
  • Documentation requirements
  • Review of CDC’s infection control guidelines for medical/dental settings to include instrument management, sterilization, environmental disinfection, water quality, and patient safety
  • Review of CDC’s latest guidelines for COVID-19 to include patient & employee temperature monitoring, physical spacing, aerosols, assessment of community transmission, selection of PPE, changing gowns per patient, ADA’s guidance

Hazard Communication Training

  • Training on Safety Data Sheets (SDS), inventory, secondary containers, how to select PPE, pictograms, maintaining a written Hazard Communication Program
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